Condo Genius Highlights: The Goliath Table

Today, the spotlight is on its fabulous and practical Goliath table. Among several other features, the Genius Certification offers you this transformable table for 2. It is small enough to be hidden as a console inside the wall cabinets and can be adjusted with the use of wooden panels to accommodate up to 10 guests. This beautiful and lightweight table is 10-ft long and it can be used as a desk, a console or a dinning table. Our Condo Genius is a practical option for downtown’s fast paced lifestyle.

Visit our compact, practical and fully furnished Condo Genius model at our sales office located at 1040 Wellington Street in Griffintown.  Contact our passionate sales team Karen, Natalia or Sebastian and schedule an appointment to find out more about Condo genius and District Griffin. 514-914-4743