Women & Condos

Women’s participation in the housing market is increasing. A study conducted by the APCHQ shows that of the 1005 people who bought a new dwelling in 2012, 62% were women and more than 35% of these were without a partner.

For them, buying a condo seems to be the perfect option.  Safety is an important factor and the presence of neighbours and camera systems among other elements make them feel safe.  Also, a condominium doesn’t need as much up keeping as a house.

Women often choose smaller units at first because they don’t need lots of space. Buying a new unit make it possible for them to choose finishes and decorative elements and give it a personal touch, which they appreciate.  They can always sell the condo later on if they decide to start a family.

So what’s your take on that?  Ladies, is this also how you see things?


Source:  http://www.guidehabitation.ca/blogue/en/women-condo/