Who is behind District Griffin?

Devimco immobilier is the largest privately owned developer in Quebec. Their mission is to create modern and pleasant environments for its users and residents, and including shopping centres, office spaces and residential projects.

Serge Goulet Devimco copie

After many large-scale projects and outstanding results over the last 30 years, Devimco Immobilier’ president, Serge Goulet, has been working in the creation of lifestyle centre projects all comprising more than 5 million square feet of real estate development.

Devimco Immobilier’s Méga centre Beauport, created in 1998, includes commercial spaces like Cineplex Odeon, Walmart, Sports Experts, Bank of Montreal and Future Shop. This exterior shopping center is over 600 thousand sq ft. and provides excellent exposure to daily traffic.

Also in Quebec City, Méga Centre LeBourgneuf is located a few minutes from downtown Québec on des Gradins Blv. and Bouvier Street. This 700 thousands sq ft. exterior shopping center was built in 2000 and it is home for several fabulous stores, boutiques and delicious restaurants like Canadian Tire, Costco, HomeSense and Winners.

Another one of Devimco Immobilier commercial real-estate projects is Méga Centre Notre- Dame built in 2002. This shopping center is located on la Rive-Nord of the region in Sainte-Dorothée. Its retail spaces include over 50 boutiques and restaurants among many other national retailers. Target, Winners, Home Sense, BCBG, Nine West, GAP Entrepôt, Sport Expert, Aldo, Super C and Limité.

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Amongst some of the projects that distinguish Devimco Immobilier, Quartier DIX30 is their largest commercial lifestyle centre located in Brossard, Quebec. It is considered Quebec’ first lifestyle centre. It has now evolved into a mixed-use project that combines residential, office spaces, shopping, lifestyle and amenities. Its name refers to its location: at the west corner of the intersection between Autoroute 10 and Autoroute 30. Quartier DIX30 attracts 20 million visitors a year and it is the second largest shopping centre in Canada. Its 3 million sq ft of retail spaces includes 80 clothing stores, 49 restaurants, 40 furniture and/or decoration stores, 7 banking institutions, 3 theaters, 2 groceries stores, a medical clinic, a pharmacy and the Alt Hotel.

Having built such services and amenities, Devimco Immobilier created a residential component, Cité DIX30. The project comprises consist six concrete buildings with a total number of 197 units. Cité DIX30 brings its own brand to architecture and design. Materials like glass, steel and wood merge and morph together to create a unique residential concept. Located in a peaceful and welcoming neighbourhood with wide and tree-lined streets, this harmonious mix of condominiums and townhouses is at the forefront of the latest trends in real estate.

Under construction at the same time as Quartier DIX30 in 2005, Carrefour Champêtre Bromont is located at Bromont and it is the latest shopping destination of the Cantons-de-L’Est. Devimco Immobilier created this multicolour center specifically designed to fit the country-style look of the area. Some of its retail stores include M/2, Aldo, Guess Entrepôt, Garage and Puma Outlet.

District GriffinTM, a mixed-use project, was created to provide modern-day homes while offering commercial spaces to daily necessities stores and retailers that will facilitate the life of its residents, all in one ambitious and strategically located project. District Griffin TM’s first 4 phases, were conceived and designed simultaneously. District Griffin Sur le Parc units have been successfully delivered in 2013. Currently, Le Groupe Cholette is delivering District Griffin Sur L’Eau and Devimco Immobilier will deliver District Griffin Sur Peel in 2015. With the creation of District Griffin TM, Devimco Immobilier is proud to be contributing with the revitalisation of Griffintown, creating a legacy residents can be proud of that will inspire future generations.


District Griffin Phase 2 Condo

District Griffin Phase 3 condo

Devimco Immobilier’s real-estate projects are a reflection of how passionate and eager for innovation in real-state development their team is and that is an essential part of the company’s strength. All departments work together to offer a product that exceeds the expectations of customers while providing an optimal customer experience. Devimco has partnered with investors and experienced professionals working in the Montreal urban market to make District GriffinTM a real living environment.


District Griffin TM will surely become a hub and the centre point of what Devimco Immobilier strongly believes is the fastest growing neighbourhood in Canada, Griffintown. Come by District Griffin beautiful office and meet our passionate sales team; Karen, Natalia and Sébastien at 1040 Wellington Street in Griffintown. Contact us at 514-914-47.