Valentine’s Day: New Griffintown Restaurants

On Valentine’s Day, District Griffin invites you to discover two new fabulous restaurants in Griffintown, Le Serpent and Shinji. Both restaurants would make the perfect dinner spot for a romantic Valentine’s date or to simply enjoy a great soiree with your loved ones.

Le Serpent is located not too far from our lively Griffintown neighborhood, (which makes it even better), at 175 Prince St. Be sure to try their Valentine Red beet salad and their tasty oysters.

For the sushi lovers out there, Simple Plan’s Jeff Stinco recently opened Shinji on Notre-Dame St. Take a look at their delicious dishes, how could you not be tempted?

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.47.12 PM

Lucky for us, both restaurants are only five minutes away from our project District Griffin. Our project is strategically located in the heart of Griffintown and minutes away from the Old Port, the Downtown area and Notre Dame St; a world of options to satisfy your appetite.

For more information visit Shinji and Le Serpent.