Try healthy eating for a healthier you in 2014.

At District Griffin you will have a variety of fabulous and yummy restaurants for special nights and weekends. However, for this New Year we suggest you eat homemade meals more often. Start tracking how often you eat out, gradually cut back and start cooking at home. It will help you stay healthy and green without breaking the bank.


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Did you forget an ingredient? As a future resident of District Griffin Sur Peel, you will be floors away from Metro Plus Grocery store, voila! You will also be able to plant your favorite culinary herbs and spices in the garden area located on the 33000 sqf green terrace above the commercial spaces. Spice up your homemade dinner with rosemary or mint freshly picked from your own herb garden. 

Also, there will be a BBQ area on the top 18th floor. One elevator ride away and you can roast or grill your favourite recipe while enjoying of a breathtaking view of Montreal’s skyline. Your condo at District Griffin will give you easy access to a healthier lifestyle!

Condo Shopping is one of your priorities for 2014? Our amazing Phases 03 & 04 will be ready for occupancy in fall 2015. Come by and meet our passionate sales team; Karen, Natalia and Sébastien and learn more about District Griffin. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to always receive our latest updates and promotions.

Visit our sales office located at 1040 Wellington Street in Griffintown. Contact us at 514-914-4743

*Access to free parking spaces available from Shannon St.