Griffintown’s Cosiest Condos

The hype about our Genius Certification is not over! District Griffin’s compact Condo Genius offers you absolutely everything in a space of only 360 square feet.

Only a few days after Condo Genius’ launch, we sold over 90% of the number of units we released. To please its high demand, a select few units with the Genius Certification were re-released and as expected almost all were sold within a few weeks.

Today, the spotlight is on its fabulous and practical bed. Among several other features, the Genius Certification offers you this cozy and confortable pull-out bed.

Simply fold the queen-size bed down from the wall and transform your daytime condo into a modern sleeping space. In the morning, the bed disappears into its wall space revealing a library unit that blends in perfectly with the décor.

Do not miss the opportunity to know more about all the features of this revolutionary concept and schedule an appointment with Karen, Natalia or Sebastien for further information. Sweet home, sweeter dreams.

Contact us at 514-914-4743 or come by our sales office located at 1040 Wellington street.